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Harriet Eagle

My approach to painting is largely intuitive. I always start with loose charcoal or graphite sketches of a scene or setting that has sparked an emotional connection. More considered compositional drawings are then transferred to a board or canvas, followed by preparing pools of colour. I then layer and scrape back the oil paint, getting totally absorbed in the process, moving between moments of calm to wild mark-making, whether it is a still life or seascape. My aim underlying the energy is to capture the light and essence of my subject, and create a ‘stillness’ in the finished piece. I am striving to create works with a sense of harmony and radiance reflecting the world around us.

I studied Fine Art and the History of Art as part of a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Natal, Pietermarizburg, in South Africa (1983-86), and Graphic Design at the Berkshire College of Art & Design (1990-92). Followed a career as a graphic designer at OUP and continued as freelance designer in Oxford whilst raising a family. During this time I returned to painting more seriously. I have attended numerous courses and workshops in and around Oxford, Brookes University and at the School of Painting in St Ives, exploring different techniques and processes whilst developing my own style. In 2016 I was accepted on the Intensive Development Porthmeor Programme which ended in March 2017 with a group exhibition at the Penwith Gallery, St Ives.