Marie Shepherd

Marie Shepherd has always been fascinated with forms and movement and this reflects so well in her sculptures. She likes to explore various facets of sculpture from the sensitivity and dynamism of the human form to humour in animals or the pleasing shape of fruits.

She draws a lot of her inspiration from the wildlife around her.

Her favorite material is plaster but she also works in clay, wax and her sculptures are then cast in either bronze or bronze resin. The sculpture takes form and evolves as it is created. The final creation is a moment captured.

Originally from Brittany, Marie lives with her family in Oxfordshire where she pursues her passion for sculpture. Her work has been exhibited and selling in the UK and abroad since 2007. She is an active member of the Oxford Sculptors Group.

Her works can be found in collections in the UK, on the Continent, the US and in NZ.