Sue Godfrey

As an Oxfordshire based artist who works from her home studio, Sue finds inspiration from landscapes around her and beyond.

Sue studied at Croydon College of Art for four years and then followed a career in graphic design, working as both an in-house designer within publishing, marketing and product development and also running her own studio as a freelance graphic artist.

Art in one form or another has always consumed a large part of her life and after inspiring journeys to South Africa and Australia, she left the world of digital design to rekindle her love of painting, completing a creative circle that has encompassed many different disciplines.

She paints mostly abstract landscapes that stem from her love of the natural world. Her works are mainly paintings using acrylics on canvas with layers of textures that form an intrinsic ingredient to the finished work. The paintings are largely from imagination, where the colours and shapes can be interpreted in many different ways with the aim always to create an atmospheric scene that can evoke a variety of emotions.

“I am inspired by the solitude and isolation of remote and extreme landscapes and attempt to capture a feeling of calmness and tranquillity encompassed within scenery of land and water.”