Robyn Hardyman

Making ceramics is something I wanted to do for a very long time. I finally began a few years ago, when I spent 3 years at City of Oxford College on a one-day a week course. I soon discovered that I needed more time for making, and set up my own garden studio at home, where I have been working for a few years.

I throw and turn my vessels on the wheel, using either pure porcelain or porcelain mixed with some stoneware. My bowls and vases are made to be used or simply looked at. The forms I throw are mostly inspired by the classic shapes of oriental ceramics, though who could add to the perfection of a Song bowl? I make work in series of similar forms, but unconstrained by a rigid specification, enjoying the subtle variations between pieces. I relish exploring glaze colours and textures, and trying to find a variety of surfaces that complement the simplicity of the forms.

I enjoy the way pots look when grouped together, the shapes and shadows between the forms, and the relationship between the colours and textures of the glazes. My ceramics can be enjoyed as single pieces, but they seem also to complement each other when combined in small groups. I also enjoy how a good pot feels when weighed in the hand, that sense of balance that tells you when it’s right.