Kate Hipkiss

Kate works with paper, cutting intricate designs by hand to create delicate, complex layers.  There are 2 quite different strands to her work which use this technique to create distinct visual outcomes.

The geological series explores pattern and colour in the landscape and natural world on a macro and micro level. Satellite imagery reveals beautiful colours and pattern in the landscape, both natural and man-made, and micro images of plants and natural objects often reveal surprisingly similar structures. Kate is especially interested in marks on the landscape created by natural forces such as flowing water, or scars created by human activities such as mining and farming; the shaping of our landscape over time.

The architectural series explores structure and light, focusing on traditional architecture as well as contemporary structures. By exploiting the qualities of cut and layered paper, the fall of light becomes central to the work and helps define the image.

Kate studied fine art at Camberwell College of Arts in London followed by a PGCE in Art and Design.  She is a member of the Oxfordshire Art Society.